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This film explains the social model of disability and shows how it can be useful to challenge negative stereotypes, assumptions and barriers that are the root cause of the discrimination disabled people experiences.

This film explains what human rights means for disabled people, and how the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled People (UNCRDP) can be used in advocacy work

This film explains how disabled people have brought about significant social change in the last 30 years.

This film explains the importance of organisations adopting inclusive practices that embrace difference and promote equality.

This film gives details of how the West of England Centre for Independent Living (WESCIL) undertook work to involve young disabled people in the organisation.

The Alliance for Inclusive Education did some research which highlighted that many young disabled people we interviewed had never been asked to consider the issue of ‘leadership’ before. The films in this section explore some of the work done with young people around leadership with three disabled people’s organizations (DPOs).

This film explains what capacity building is, what it means to Disabled Peoples Organisations and why it is important as an ongoing process. This can help DPOs to be sustainability and ensure they can respond appropriately to both internal and external changes.

This film gives details of a tendering and commissioning workshop run for DPOs. This shows how it is important for DPOs to demonstrate how they can add value to contract delivery.