Roger Lewis DPAC interviewed by ITV News

Disabled Peoples Challenge to the next Mayor of London

As the race for City Hall enters its final weeks a number of disability organisations have been setting out what they want the next mayor to do.

The campaign group Inclusion London says those with disabilities have been adversely affected by austerity measures and cuts to social care.

It’s calling for the transport system to be made more accessible and wants the next mayor to ensure disabled people aren’t pushed further into poverty and isolation.

Ellen Clifford on BBC News

This is a message to David Cameron: You will not stop us you will never break us and we have so many ways to get the truth out there in all forms and we will NEVER stop defying you and resisting you until we get our full inclusive rights restored to us, until we get these cuts reversed until we put a stop to you.

As we said on the way out We will be back you know we will and the police know we will too.

Disabled people are warriors and we ain’t afraid to take this government on for the fight for our rights…Disabled people are the spearhead of resistance to this government and have been for six years and that is important to point out and the horrendous cost we have all endured in able to take this government on should never ever be ignored.