National Independent Living Support Service (NILSS)

Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance vision on the future of independent living for Disabled people was developed through two national consultation meetings and an online consultation with disabled people and DPOs in England. For independent living to be a reality for Disabled people, we need a system that provides the right type, amount, quality and range of support options. The current social care and welfare systems are not up to the task and Disabled people’s experiences of independent living are going backwards while being subject to a dramatic postcode lottery. For more information on our vision for independent living, visit

We have asked people to answer the following questions and use your mobile phone to submit answers to us in video format.


  • What’s the difference between social care and independent living
  • Why do we need a right to a national living support service?
  • What is your message to the UK government?

We received a great response and the top 3 videos are a combination of all participants responding to each question.

The remaining videos in the list are individuals speaking about the individual subjects and we have managed to do that where there is enough material to put something meaningful together.

Use the menu at the top of the video panel to scroll through the videos or select the drop-down menu and select the video you want to see from the list.

ROFA has produced a document ‘Independent Living for the Future’ Our vision for a national independent living support system, including an easy read version which can be accessed and downloaded by selecting this link ‘Independent Living for the Future’