Human Rights Breaches – Email Your MP

Group of disabled people and guide dog
Group of disabled people and guide dog

We are supporting Liberation, a regular contributor to Inclusion London’s Campaign Forum, with their campaign against major human rights shortfalls in the government’s plans to reform the Mental Health Act. These plans have been set out in the White Paper, which the government published in January. Please can you help by writing to your MP about the shortfalls.

Please take action and email your MP here.  

Why we are concerned

This January, the government published a White Paper on reforming the Mental Health Act 1983. This Act does badly need changing, but there are major problems with the White Paper. Although it contains a large number of proposals:

  • It is full of loopholes, lacks ‘teeth’ and falls far short of our full human rights, especially the rights set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
  • We can still be detained in psychiatric hospitals against our will, if it’s thought there may be real risk otherwise, even though no one else can be locked up for that reason and risk assessments are known to be highly unreliable
  • The White Paper is strongly based on a medical model of mental distress/trauma
  • It fails to tackle multiple discrimination effectively.

These human rights breaches are completely unacceptable. That is why the user-led group, Liberation, is leading a campaign against the White Paper.

Please act now and email your MP in support of our campaign.