ROFA urge all its Members to get their voices heard by voting at the forthcoming General Election on Thursday June 8th.

Equal Lives reports, “The experiences of you our Service Users and members, and the overwhelming demand on our Support and Advocacy Services highlights the devastating impact the relentless onslaught of austerity cuts has had on the lives of Disabled People and their families across the UK.”

Whether it’s Housing, Employment, health and social Care or Benefit changes, there has been a steady determination to undermine the independence of disabled people, pushing progress back years and blatantly flaunting disabled peoples rights.

So use your voices and votes at the General Election on June 8th to fight for those rights to live equally and independently in the Community.

Further information about the topics below can be found on the right hand side menu:

Voting Information – Registering to Vote, general election timeline, accessible polling Stations, postal votes and how to find your Constituency Office and contact details.

ROFA leaflets giving statistics and background on the last few years for disabled people, ideas on questions to ask candidates when they come to your door and much more.

So read on and make it this election that you stand up with millions of other disabled people and make your vote count.

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